award medalHave you articulated the most compelling benefits your organization and products offer that differentiate you from your competitors? Clearly communicating your unique competitive advantage and using it consistently is key to gaining the attention of potential customers, members, and donors.

People are busier than ever and have short attention spans to decide if your message, product, or organization is worth their time. There are so many organizations and messages to sift through, it is critical to make yours stand out from the crowd. Know the competition and how your products and services can truly stand out and be different – what is your niche?

Look carefully at what the competitors your customers are likely to consider are offering and how they position themselves. Think about how your products and services compare and what your unique positioning is. Be sure to focus on benefits to your customers or members – not features. It doesn’t matter what you think is great about your product or service if it’s not important to your customers.

Clear messaging can persuade your prospects that your offerings will meet their needs if you have carefully crafted your wording and taken the time to really understand their motivations and challenges. Show them how what you have to offer is the solution to  their problems. This is the core of branding that can deliver the call to action you need – whether it is a lead, a sale, a new member, or a new donor.

Small businesses and associations can use this strategy to effectively compete with large companies or associations which by definition tend to have broad offerings and appeal to wider rather than targeted audiences.

What is  your competitive advantage?


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