Using my personal and professional experiences, I speak at local, regional and national conferences about the vital role healthcare technology and patient portals play in empowering patients and families and improving outcomes.

Online patient portals offer a window into health care both for prevention and management of chronic illness. Medical professionals and staff, administrators, technology teams, and patients play vital roles in making that Personal Health Record a living, dynamic healthcare tool and opportunity.  Maximizing that opportunity takes communication, leadership, technical expertise, vision, and creativity.

Allscripts Client Experience Conference, August 2017, Chicago

Electronic Health Records take enormous investment of people, time, money and change. While they have been mandated, making the EHR successful – truly useful and a living tool that maximizes its potential and functionality to help improve outcomes and be a seamless part of medical practitioners and other staff’s daily routine will take time, care and insight. It is so important to understand and reflect the perspectives and needs of the different types of staff, medical professionals, administrators, patients, and families to make it meaningful and change outcomes and impact. And provide the right coaching and training.

I want to be part of that success plan and vision for the future by providing speaking, training, and consulting services in addition to the consulting I offer to nonprofits, associations, small and medium sized businesses, and entrepreneurs.

I’m proud to serve as a member of and as of January the Vice President of the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital Patient and Family Council, and the University Hospitals System Patient Facing Technology Governance Committee. My speaking engagements have included  University Hospitals System Leadership Meeting (10/2017), Allscripts Client Experience Conference (8/2017), UHCare Ambulatory Peer Network Meeting (2/2017), Milestones Autism Resources Annual Benefit (10/2016), and various training events. I will be speaking at Allscripts Regional Conferences around the country February through April 2018.

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Allscripts Client Experience Conference, August 2017, Chicago