When you promote your organization, products, and services, do you emphasize how you deliver unique value based on your customers’ wants and needs…or do you list features that showcase your organization’s strengths?

graphic of plastic dart on targetIt’s the benefits vs. features issue. Superlative marketing features laser focus on benefits that appeal to your most important current or potential customer, member, or client segments. What do they need and want? What is most important to them?

The more you know about your audience, the better tuned in your marketing and product development will be.

It’s always tempting to list all the fabulous features you offer, but shopping lists aren’t compelling. How many products, services, or organizations offer the same things you do? What is unique that your customer needs that your brand delivers?

This is true whether you are a professional marketing your services, a small business promoting your products, or a nonprofit serving members, donors, and constituents. Membership organizations need to ensure you are delivering the services, programs, and benefits your members truly value so that even in tough times their membership is so compelling they can’t afford to leave. Nonprofits have the challenge of meeting your current and potential donors’ needs while ensuring your programs and services fulfill your mission and constituents’ needs.

Have you stepped back and looked at your marketing and branding lately to see if it really speaks to your customers’ and constituents’ needs rather than from your organization’s perspective?


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