It is easy to be distracted by the endless mundane but seemingly urgent everyday projects and talks, but they do not position your organization or your career for the future.

Does your organizations have three clear goals and messages that are most important for success?

close up photo of forest treesDo you keep an eye on changing trends in the marketplace, your constituents’ needs and wants, and the impact of constantly changing technology? And then regularly update your goals?


Having overarching goals for your organization gives staff a shared understanding of your future and your priorities. It is also vital to know the strategies, milestones, and measures that illustrate what success looks like.

It is common over the years for ¬†organizations to have a wide variety of products, programs, projects, and procedures that evolve to meet different staff’s interests and expertise. But do they serve the mission and guiding strategies for the organization? Or do they eat up time that could be better utilized to ensure the future you envision?

Pinpointing these tasks, projects, or products that don’t serve your higher purpose can be a critical albeit politically challenging way to meet your goals. Thoughtfully assessing what should be on your stop doing list can be as important as drafting those clear organizational and personal goals. It frees up the time you need to achieve what is most important.

Make the commitment to do what has the most impact and spend less time doing what isn’t.


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